How to Run Out of Gas (and get Wings Credit!)

On Tuesday, February 20th, at our next general meeting, Mike Cavanaugh will present a program for WINGS credit that he has entitled “How to Run Out of Gas.” Since Mike has previously worked to keep us on the green side of the grass for as long as possible, I suspect that he may actually encourage the opposite behavior. But, the only way to find out for sure is to come to the meeting!

It begins at 6:15 with our meal, and this is Chili Cook-Off month! Feel free to add to the meal yourself by bringing a vat of chili, a pan of cornbread, or any other dish or dessert that you would like to share.

Mike’s presentation in the Lacy Griffin aviation center will follow the meal. If no parking space is available in front of the building, use the spaces in the adjacent maintenance yard (gate 24), in the viewing area down the road, or in the small lot catty-cornered to the Lacy Griffin center.

Our monthly Fly-In Lunch on Saturday, February 24th will be to Pickens County airport (LQK) which is 38 NM south of us. Plan your flight to arrive at noon at the new restaurant there, The Scoop at the Airport. They serve a great meal in addition to lots of tasty ice cream. As always, the pilot in command has the final go/no go decision about the safety of the flight.

It is time to renew your annual membership in WNCPA. If you have not done so yet, you can renew online with a credit card by clicking HERE.