Fly heading 326° for 2,937 NM…

On Tuesday, January 16th, at our next general meeting, David Hoffman will present “Alaska Aviation.” David flew in Alaska for many years, and has many tales to tell about the unique challenges present in the wilderness of our 49th state.

The meeting begins at 6:15 with our meal. We would like to note that we have experienced a significant shortfall in donations for our meals in recent months; a contribution of $5.00 or $10.00 per person will help to keep the food flowing!

David’s presentation in the Lacy Griffin aviation center will follow the meal. If no parking space is available in front of the building, use the spaces in the adjacent maintenance yard (gate 24), in the viewing area down the road, or in the small lot catty-cornered to the Lacy Griffin center.

Our monthly Fly-In Lunch on Saturday, January 20th will be to Knoxville Downtown airport (DKX) which is 72 NM away on heading 304°–a lot closer than Alaska!. Plan your flight to arrive at noon at Curious Dog Hotdogs and Sandwiches. As always, the pilot in command has the final go/no go decision about the safety of the flight.

It is time to renew your annual membership in WNCPA. If you have not done so yet, you can renew online with a credit card by clicking HERE.