Aircraft operations on the South GA Ramp

We have received an update on the construction schedule for AVL:

Please be advised that the Ramp rehabilitation project has started on the south GA ramp, between TWY F and TWY E. Currently TWY F is closed, and a NOTAM has been issued. For safety reasons, the construction staging areas, haul route, and work site are delineated by orange, low profile barricades that are lit at night. The construction vehicles and equipment are crossing active areas where aircraft is moving, and are directed by flaggers. 

There have been a few instances where taxiing aircraft had their wings pass over these barricades, that are meant to protect both the aircraft and the vehicular traffic. At times, traffic may seem low, but most days there will be a lot of material hauling in large dump trucks.

This project will progress to the south in a couple of months and at that time TWY E will be closed, and closed work areas will also shift. 

Please use caution and avoid operating directly adjacent to the orange barricades, where construction operations take place. 

The gate guard positioned at VG 5 during work hours is only responsible for the project vehicle access. All pilots with badge access still have to follow the same procedures for gate security as before.

Also, as a reminder, aircraft run ups are not authorized on the ramps. They can be performed, with ATCT authorization, on TWY A or TWY B.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please let me know if you have additional questions.

DANIELA LAJOS | Operations Supervisor 828.654.6214