Revised: Our First In Person Meeting in 2021! And a Fly-In!!!

Finally! We are going to have a full WNCPA monthly meeting in November, just like the good old days. Mark your calendars for November 16th at 6:15 p.m. (light dinner and conversation with old friends) and 7:00 p.m. (meeting and presentation). To make the meeting as COVID-safe as possible, we will meet in the large Civil Air Patrol hanger within the secure area of AVL near our old meeting place at WNC aviation. Someone will be standing at pedestrian gate 6 to escort you inside if you don’t have a security badge yourself. You can park in the spaces at WNC Aviation, or inside the gate in front of the CAP hanger. Once inside, if you are not wearing a badge, please restrict your movement within the airport to the areas designated by traffic cones and staff.

Our program at 7:00 has been revised, and will likely feature Wally Courtney from CAP. Watch this space: details to be announced later.

Our next Fly-in lunch will take place at Hickory Airport (HKY) on Saturday, October 23 at noon. As you may know, there is also a small aviation museum there.

Finally, we are eager to learn if you have news to share. Earned a new rating? Bought a new plane? Had a new aviation adventure? Write to tell us about it at our new email address,

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