History Class (but fun!)

On Tuesday, April 16th, at our next general meeting, Mike Cavanaugh will present a “Book Report” on the Epic Age of Flight. Looking at how aviation developed through the careers of Rickenbacker, Lindberg, Doolittle and others–lots of great aviation history! One example (spoiler alert!): At the dawn of aviation, an argument raged over whether seat belts should or should not be worn. The argument was settled when Harriet Quimby, the first woman to fly across the English Channel, was ejected from her Bleriot Monoplane over Boston Harbor. 1912. Learn about this and many other great stories about the Golden Age of Flight.

Mike’s presentation will follow the meal at 6:15 in the Lacy Griffin aviation center. If no parking space is available in front of the building, use the spaces in the adjacent maintenance yard (gate 24), in the viewing area down the road, or in the small lot catty-cornered to the Lacy Griffin center.

Our monthly Fly-In Lunch on Saturday, April 20th will be to Pickens County airport (LQK) which is 38 NM south of us. Plan your flight to arrive at noon at the new restaurant there, The Scoop at the Airport. We do not seem to be learning from prior experience: each time we have attempted to go there, the weather has been prohibitive. But rumor has it that they serve a great meal in addition to lots of tasty ice cream, so we’re going to try again! As always, the pilot in command has the final go/no go decision about the safety of the flight.

Several of us are planning to fly to see the eclipse on Monday, April 8 at KMWA, an airport in the zone of totality. Lenny DeCicco is coordinating the trip, and may decide at the last minute to change to another airport if the weather looks to be too cloudy there. KMWA (Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois) is 342 NM West-Northwest: a bit of a haul, but worth it, we think. After all, what are airplanes for?