Annual Barbecue Social Meeting

On Tuesday, July 18th at 6:15 pm, we will have our traditional summer social meeting, held indoors at the usual meeting location at the Lacy Griffin Aviation Center. There will be no formal presentation, but Skip will introduce the WNCPAEF grant recipients at some point in the evening. Come and enjoy hobnobbing with your fellow aviators and wolf down free BBQ with all the fixings!

We’ve attempted to fly to Pigeon Forge three months in a row without success, so it is clear that the weather gods simply don’t want us to go there! Instead, this month’s fly-out lunch will be to Greenville Downtown airport (GMU, 36 nm south of AVL) on Saturday, July 22nd, with arrival timed for Noon. If the weather is lousy again, we may have to sacrifice a Piper Cub to the weather gods to appease them for whatever aeronautical sins we may have committed! 🙂