What is a “Ramp Check”???

Rather than finding out the hard way from a federal official, find out the easy way by attending our March 15th meeting. Tim Haley from the Greensboro FSDO will speak on the topic “Surviving a Ramp Check” Dinner and “hanger flying” will begin at 6:15, followed by our general meeting and the WINGS-credit presentation at about 7:00. (Hint: this presentation has nothing to do with checking our local forests for ramp onions!)

If at first you don’t succeed…. Let’s try again to have lunch at Hickory Airport (HKY, located 59 NM East-Northeast of AVL) on Saturday, March 19th at noon. The last time we tried, the weather gods were not cooperative. In case this happens again, you can check this website the day of the event to see if the venue has changed. As always, the pilot in command is responsible for go/no go decisions, and decisions about whether or not to have fries with that burger.

We are still collecting aviation-related donations for a silent auction later this year. Think signed posters and working headsets, not moldy paper sectionals from 1975. Send a photo of the donation, a description, and a suggested “target bid” to Nancy at nancytm1986@gmail.com