WNCPA Board Meeting Minutes – Jan 5 2016

WNCPA Board Meeting Minutes – Feb 2 2016

WNC Pilots Association Board Meeting Minutes

March 01, 2016


Lacy Griffin Building – KAVL

  1. Call to order: 7:00 p.m.


Board members present:

  • President:  Tim Anderson
  • Vice President:  Nancy Marstall (also Immediate Past President)
  • Secretary:  Tim Fox
  • Treasurer:  Don Short
  • Directors: Richard Feeman, Mark Lancaster, Jim Martin and Susan VanFleet (Programs) 
  • Membership Chair:    Dave Bolser
  • Educational Foundation: Arnie Andresen



  1. Secretary’s Report:  (Tim Fox) The minutes were presented, accepted and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: (Don Short) The Association has a balance in the bank of $17,655.00.
  3. Committee Reports:
  • Membership:  (Dave Bolser) Dave has received 133 membership renewals as of today.  Dave has sent reminder letters (with stamped, self-addressed envelopes) to each of the 36 members who have not renewed membership.  Phone calls will be made to those who do not respond.
  • Programs (Susan VanFleet):  Susan had two items for discussion.  Firstly, with Cindy Carter moving back to Colorado she didn’t think that Cindy would be able to return to Asheville in November to present the AOPA Air Safety Institute program. Tim recommended that the November 15 program that replaces Cindy’s presentation be an FAA Wings program.  Susan offered an FAA Wings program. She had brought a few of her students to Sugar Valley (SNC2) for a maintenance seminar that dealt with the need to do a good, complete preflight.  It was an interactive, hands-on program and was presented by Bob Sutherland.
  • Secondly, Susan offered that she had spoken with WNCPA member John Mitchell regarding Just Aircraft of Walhalla, SC coming to Asheville to demonstrate their STOL aircraft to the group as an addition to our annual cookout on June 15.  If it was agreeable to the board she would continue to pursue it.  Harrison Smith, the company’s chief pilot would probably perform the demonstration. It would require some coordination with Asheville Airport Authority and the KAVL ATC folks.  Hendersonville (0A7) was also mentioned as a good venue for the STOL demo.
  • Fly-Outs:  Tim stated that we had a good fly-out to Hickory (HKY) on 20 February.  We had 7 airplanes and 18 people who made the trip.  It was a good day to fly.  Next month our destination is Greenville Downtown Airport (KGMU) with lunch at the Runway Café.  Tim also mentioned that the AOPA Southern Region Fly-in has been changed from the fall to the spring time.  The Fly-in will be 20 – 21 May in Beaufort, NC (KMRH).  Those dates correspond to our monthly fly-out.  There will be a BBQ the evening of the 5/20 and a Pancake Breakfast on the 5/21 followed by the program.  Also that weekend is the Shaw AFB airshow.  Susan offered that the US Navy/Marine EA-6B Intruder will make its last flight into Hickory, NC on Saturday 14 May.  Its final resting place will be the Hickory Aviation Museum.  The aircraft’s arrival time is TBD.


  • Educational Foundation Report: (Arnie Andresen) Arnie has spoken to Richard (RJ) Corman, who is the Dean of Business and Hospitality Education and the Chair of the Aviation Department at AB Tech, about establishing a working relationship between our two organizations.  AB Tech is looking for some financial assistance for their students. Mr. Corman indicated that he is willing to donate some money to the Foundation.  Also, Glen Gonzalez who made the Honda Jet presentation last month put Arnie in touch with Samantha McCall who handles community relations for Honda Jet.  He has made initial contact via email, and hopes that it grows from there.  Arnie gave a brief status update on our current grant recipients.   


New Business:

a)  Tim mentioned that Cindy Carter would be leaving soon to return to Colorado and that the association would like to do something for her.  The initial idea was to do a reception 1 hour prior to the next general membership meeting, but unfortunately Cindy would be traveling on that date. It was suggested that maybe we should look at a time outside our normal meeting schedule and it was suggested that the Air Museum at Hendersonville Airport would be an excellent venue.  Tim will talk to the museum curator Don Buck and Nancy would talk to Cindy to settle on a date.

b)  The local post office delivery of the association’s mail has been unreliable.  Letters are being misdirected to other sites on the airfield and in some cases lost.  The association needs a Post Office Box.  The Educational Foundation also uses the association’s mailing address and they would like the change to a P.O. Box to occur after 1 April, which is the deadline for grant request application submissions.  Also several other documents that have the current mailing address (most notably the Association’s By-Laws) will have to be changed as well.  A motion was made to rent a 3×5 inch post office box at the Skyland Post Office (1950 Hendersonville Road, Skyland, NC 28776) for a yearly rental period starting after 1 April 2016.  The motion was seconded and approved.

c)  Tim announced that the AOPA Air Safety Institute is sponsoring a safety seminar that will be held at the AG Center Monday 14 March from 7:00-9:00 PM.

d)  The D&O insurance is bound.  We have a $1M policy with no deductions for $626.00 through Travelers Insurance Company.

e)  Tim commented that he has received some input regarding the review of the association’s By-Laws.  He will send out the link to the by-laws for board members to review and if there are any suggested changes or other comments he asked that they be sent to him via email.  There is no specific deadline or due date on this he just wants to keep the review process moving forward.

f)  The dinner for the April general meeting will be pizza.

g)  We have been giving our program speakers/presenters a $35.00 restaurant gift card as a token of our appreciation for their time and effort.  Some presenters travel a significant distance to give their presentations.  For example Glenn Gonzalez of Honda Jet travelled from Greensboro, NC.  Tim asked the board’s approval to allow Susan VanFleet the discretionary authority to provide a program presenter a restaurant gift card for up to $50.00.  Not every presenter will receive a gift card, but those that have a significant distance to travel can receive up to a$50.00 restaurant gift card.  A motion did not need to be made as the dollar amount of the gift cards falls under the President’s discretionary expenditure authority.


IV. The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.      

Submitted by: Tim Fox, Secretary 


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