July Meeting: Our Annual Barbecue

This coming Tuesday, July 19th, at 6:15 p.m., WNCPA will host its annual barbecue in lieu of a “lecture” meeting. We will meet at the usual location at the Lacy Griffin aviation center. Parking continues to be inhibited by construction; if no space is available in front of the building, use the spaces in the adjacent maintenance yard (gate 24) or in the viewing area down the road. There will be a brief presentation as the recipients of the Educational Foundation grants are introduced, but the main event of the meeting will be conversations with your fellow aviation enthusiasts.

Our next fly-out lunch will be on July 23 to Shelby (EHO).

Here are the remaining meeting topics for the year:
August: “Helicopters” presented by Tim Fox and Bill Whitehead
September: “Gliders” (Sailplanes) presented by Mike Cola
October: “My Career Journey” presented by Andra Vandenberg
November: “Aviation Weather” presented by WLOS meteorologist Meghan Danahey
December: Our annual holiday dinner at Bay Breeze on December 13th