Fly-In Lunch and Items for Sale

Our next fly-in lunch will be on July 23 to Shelby (EHO). If you are new to these lunches, here are the Fast Facts:

–Plan your trip to arrive at the airport at about noon.
–After landing, walk past the hangers, then through the adjacent cemetery, then through the gate (lock code: “SOCK”). You’ll see the Runway Cafe just across the street.
–The Pilot in Command of each aircraft is always completely responsible for making go/no go decisions based on weather, personal minimums, etc.

Our member Robert has some items for sale:
Two gasoline-powered tugs: electric start ($1150); pull start ($950)
Four pairs of Bose headsets: two pair A-20s ($650 each) and 2 pair “regular” ($500 each).
You can reach him at