It’s Membership Renewal Time!

In these COVID times, it has been difficult to keep up with the calendar. The suspension of our in-person meetings has added to the confusion. But the time for WNCPA membership renewal is upon us! Please join me in supporting our local aviation community by renewing online now.

To get started, click the "Join Us" link above, and choose "Online Membership Application / Renewal." After filling in the requested information, you will go to a PayPal page to arrange for credit card payment. Note that if you don't have a PayPal membership (and don't want one now) you can use a link near the bottom which permits simple entry of your card information.

They say a good landing is defined as one you can walk away from, and that after a GREAT landing you can actually use the plane again! Our collision with COVID has certainly caused our organization to land hard, but we are ready to take to the air again soon! The board is now meeting to discuss resuming online meetings and presentations, as well as our fly-in lunch socials. As soon as the state board of health clears us for takeoff, we will resume our in-person meetings. A great landing, after all!

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