General Meeting 1/18/22 at 6:30

Our program for Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 will feature Ricky Brown, an ATC controller from our own Asheville tower. His topic is entitled “A Very Unofficial View of Asheville ATC” with oodles of information of interest to anyone landing in Asheville or penetrating its Class C airspace.

We will meet in the O.D. “Lacy” Griffin building (home of WNC Aviation). In consideration of the recent uptick in COVID infections in our community, we are making several changes to our usual meeting format:

  • We strongly encourage all attendees to wear a mask covering both nose and mouth.
  • We are not serving a meal–both because we have lost our kitchen and because eating and masks do not really mix!
  • The program will begin at 6:30 rather than 7:00, since we are not serving a meal.

Parking will be available in front of the building, beside the building, in the spaces for Mountain Flyers, and in the (now somewhat smaller) gravel parking lot nearby.

If you have aviation-related stuff gathering dust at home like headsets, memorabilia, radios, etc. that you would like to donate to a good cause, bring them with you to the meeting. We will hold a “silent auction” this summer, with proceeds going to WNCPA.

Save the dates: the February 15th meeting will feature Mike Everhart discussing “How to survive a FAA ramp check”. Future meetings (still in planning stages) will discuss Angel Flight and Helicopter Training, among other topics. And don’t forget our Fly-Out Lunches: the next one is Saturday, January 22 at noon at the Runway Cafe at Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU). The pilot in command is always the final judge about weather and the safety of attending any planned fly-in lunch.

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