Susan VanFleet, owner and operator of VanFleet Aviation, has been instructing since 1986. She has flown for the University of Georgia and instructed in the King Air 200 for Flight Safety International in Atlanta before starting her own flight school in 2002. Susan moved to Hickory for a number of reasons including the local scenery, the climate, and the people. Susan has based her seaplane at the Hickory airport since October of 2008 and believes it to be a safe and secure airport that lends itself well to flight training with an air traffic control tower and friendly atmosphere.
Susan holds an ATP rating with Single Engine Sea, Tail wheel, CFI, CFII, MEI, and commercial glider certificates. Susan’s flight experience includes more than 7,600 hours, of which 4,500 were instructing. Susan has flown general aviation aircraft in Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and Alaska.
VanFleet Aviation offers primary and instrument instruction in a Cessna 172 and seaplane instruction in a Cessna 172XP Amphibian Seaplane. Introductory Flight Lessons and a Mountain Flying Course are also available.Susan views her business as a chance to “share the gift of flight!” For more information, please contact Susan at:

(828) 413-3636