Program, Fly out, Security badges, Items for sale

Our next general meeting on Tuesday April 19th will feature Bernadette Darnell, the Director of Mission Operations for Angel Flight Soars. She’ll tell us about this wonderful charitable organization that uses the talents and aircraft of local pilots to provide transportation to medical patients in need. We’ll have a light dinner available at 6:15, followed by general announcements at 7:00 and the presentation after that.

Our next fly-out will be on Saturday April 23rd to the Flying Machine restaurant at Gwinnett County Airport (LZU), 112 NM southwest of Asheville airport. We’ll meet at noon at the restaurant, which is on the grounds of the airport. As always, it is the responsibility of the pilot in command to decide about personal minimums for the flight and the status of the weather on that day.

Click HERE for updated information on used aviation items for sale by WNCPAEF. Buy stuff or donate stuff, it is all for a worthy cause!

Finally, if you have a security badge to open gates at AVL, you must arrange for a PIN or your badge will cease to work. Starting soon, you will need to wave your badge at the reader AND enter your PIN to open the gate. Drop by the airport security office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00. Getting the PIN will take less than 5 minutes, but you do need to appear in person.