Hey! Want to save a ton of money?

On Tuesday, May 21st, at our next general meeting, Lenny DeCicco and (yours truly) Bill Whitehead will present on a very timely topic, “Aircraft Co-Ownership.” Every cost associated with aviation has skyrocketed in recent years, placing the dream of owning your own bird on the back burner for many of our members. The alternative is co-ownership; our presentation will discuss the pros and cons of this solution, as well as outlining concrete steps for achieving this goal.

Our presentation will follow the Subway meal at 6:15 in the Lacy Griffin aviation center. If no parking space is available in front of the building, use the spaces in the adjacent maintenance yard (gate 24), in the viewing area down the road, or in the small lot catty-cornered to the Lacy Griffin center.

Our monthly Fly-In Lunch on Saturday, May 25th will be to Hickory Regional Airport (HKY) which is 59 NM east of Asheville Regional. Plan your flight to arrive at noon at the new restaurant on the airport, Wingz Grill. There is a museum at the airport as well. The pilot in command has the final go/no go decision about the safety of the flight.

See you at the meeting!