General meeting! Fly-out lunch! Donations! Grants! Renewals!

The next General Meeting of WNCPA will start at 6:15 on Tuesday, February 15th in the O.D. “Lacy” Griffin building (home of WNC Aviation). Our speaker will be Ricky Brown, an ATC controller from our own Asheville tower. His topic is entitled “A Very Unofficial Overview of Asheville ATC.” Sandwiches from Subway will be served. Masks are encouraged, but will not be required. Parking will be available on the gravel lot diagonally across from the building.

Members are encouraged to rummage in their closets to find aviation-related materials to donate to WNCPA. These might be books, headsets, simulators, or memorabilia. Bring these to the meeting; we will collect them for an auction at a later meeting.

Our monthly Fly-Out Lunch will take place on Saturday, February 19th at noon at Hickory Regional Airport (HKY). Note that the location has changed since this was originally announced.

If you have not yet renewed your membership in WNCPA, please bring your checkbook to the meeting. You can also renew online on this website by clicking the “Join Us” button above.

Finally, look at the next post down for information on aviation training grants available from the educational foundation.