Fly Yourself to the Bahamas!

The next meeting of the Western North Carolina Pilot’s Association is Tuesday, March 21st. Lenny DiCicco will be our presenter on “Bahamas Made Easy,” covering the paperwork and other preparations necessary for such a trip. Since he recently returned from the Bahamas (with lots of photos!) he certainly knows the drill! He’ll also discuss his plans for a multi-plane trip there next January. Pizza will be served.

The meeting is in the Lacy Griffin aviation center. Parking continues to be affected by construction; if no space is available in front of the building, use the spaces in the adjacent maintenance yard (gate 24) or in the viewing area down the road. There are now also an additional 10 spaces available in the lot catty-cornered to the Lacy Griffin center.

Our next Fly-In Lunch will be on Saturday, 3/18/23. Note that this is the Saturday BEFORE the meeting; we had to change our usual date because of scheduling issues. We’ll try again for KRYY near Atlanta. If you need a ride, text Bill Whitehead at 828-676-5868; there are a few empty seats available.

Thanks to all who have renewed their membership for 2023. If you are not yet among them, just click HERE to renew your membership online!