Change is In the Wind

On Tuesday, November 21st, at our next general meeting, Ricky Brown will discuss upcoming changes to procedures at AVL. Ricky is a senior member of the ATC staff at our airport, so he knows the topic! He will also discuss general ATC issues here, and answer any questions we may have about our airspace.

The meeting begins at 6:15 with Subway sandwiches as our meal, followed by the presentation in the Lacy Griffin aviation center. If no parking space is available in front of the building, use the spaces in the adjacent maintenance yard (gate 24), in the viewing area down the road, or in the small lot catty-cornered to the Lacy Griffin center.

Another change! Our monthly Fly-In Lunch will occur early this month so that it does not conflict with the Thanksgiving holiday. We will fly to Martinsville, Virginia (KMTV, Blue Ridge airport, 142 NM ENE of Asheville airport) for lunch on Saturday, November 18th. Time your arrival to occur at noon, and remember, this is BEFORE our general meeting this month. If weather is bad at MTV, but good at Pickins (LQK), we will go there instead.

Our annual Christmas dinner at Bay Breeze will occur on December 12th, starting at about 5:30 and ending at about 9:30. Our speaker will be Col Duke Woodhull, USAF (retired) who flew missions in the U2 spy plane! Wow! Members will receive an “E-vite” via email this year; we won’t be mailing out paper invitations, so check your email.

Coming attractions: in January, our general meeting speaker David Hoffmain will discuss his career in Alaska. We will have a WINGS program in February.

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