Thursday, May 24, 2018
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August 2017 General Mtg. Minutes

Western North Carolina Pilots Association

General Membership Meeting

Lacy Griffin Building

Asheville Regional Airport

15 August 2017


I.  Call to Order by President Tim Anderson at 6:47 PM 


Tim began the meeting by recognizing several guests and visitors.

Secretary: (Tim Fox) The minutes of the 20 June general membership meeting were approved.  There were no minutes recorded for the July general meeting as it was the Association’s annual Cook-Out.  

Treasurer: (Elizabeth Henry) Elizabeth announced that the Association has $14,153.51 in the bank.  Tim took this opportunity to thank Elizabeth and Frank Henry for helping with the cooking for the nights meal which were the hamburgers and bratwurst left over from the annual cook-out.

Membership: (Jeff Moore) Jeff announced that he is still working on the changeover as membership chairperson.  He has established an email address for questions dealing with membership ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).  He appreciates everyone’s patience during this short changeover period. 

Programs: (Cindy Carter) Cindy stated that the September program will be presented by Skip Capone and is titled “Five Dirty Little Secrets about the FAR’s that You May Not Know About” and is a Wings eligible program.  For October John Pruden who is with PF Flyers at Donaldson Airfield (KGYH) will give a presentation on the FAA’s NextGen mandated Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system. November’s program, will be Spotlight on a Member and Arnie Andresen is the subject of that program.  And December is the Association’s Annual Christmas Dinner.

Fly-Outs:  The August fly-out will be to the Greenville Downtown Airport (KGMU) with lunch at The Runway Café.  Larry Colvan offered the Newberry Airport (KEOE) for consideration as a possible fly-out destination.  He and his wife had a very pleasant experience during a recent trip to Newberry, SC. 

Announcements:  Richard Feeman of Mountain Flyers, a local flying club at KAVL, announced that they are officially looking for aircraft owners who might be interested in leasing back their aircraft to Mountain Flyers.  Because of their recent, very successful, membership drive they need a couple more aircraft to support the increased requests for aircraft.  They are looking single engine, fixed gear airplanes that are cheap and easy to insure.  If anyone is interested contact Richard or go to the Mountain Flyers web site for more information.   

Dr Ruffin Benton gave a short information brief on the procedures necessary to get a waiver to continue flying when you are color blind.  Generally, if you are color blind you can’t fly at night or fly into airports where you might need to taxi, takeoff or land using light gun signals from the local control tower.  If you need more information contact Ruffin.

Arnie Andresen, who is a member of the local chapter of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) introduced Harry Fielder who is the current CAP Squadron Commander.  He is also a former USAF Colonel and Commanded a KC-10 Squadron, and spent several years with FedEx.  He gave a very informative briefing on the local Civil Air Patrol unit noting that several members of the WNCPA are active members of the local CAP, including Arnie Andresen, Jeff Moore and Rocky Flemming.  It has a primary mission to Cadets and aviation related education and a secondary mission of Search and Rescue.  Harry then introduced Doug McDaris who introduced his fourteen-year old son Grant, a cadet in the CAP chapter, and the spoke about the units local fundraising efforts and specifically a Military Appreciation Golf Tournament to be held on Saturday 23 September at the Broadmoor Golf Club.  The cost is $80 per golfer and will include range balls and a B-B-Q lunch.  Twenty dollars of the entry fee will go to support the local CAP chapter.  Doug asked any interested golfers to come to the Broadmoor Golf Club and help support the local CAP chapter.  Doug left some flyers and donation forms for any interested members.   

II. New Business:  None

Prior to formally adjourning the business portion of the meeting Tim wanted to publicly thank Cindy Carter for her many years as a member of the Association and just as many years as a local flight instructor, he then related an experience with Cindy during a biennial flight review where she ably and succinctly demonstrated to Tim how to handle an engine failure on takeoff, a lesson he will always remember. Tim noted that Cindy would be moving back to Colorado Springs after selling her home.  Tim thanked Cindy and wanted to let her know that she is always welcome if she ever finds herself back in Asheville even if just for a visit. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM


Feature Program:  The program for the evening was titled “I learned about Flying from That.” Cindy Carter introduced three members who related personal aviation experiences that could have ended in disaster and what each pilot did to remedy the situation.  Ron Wolf related an engine maintenance issue that presented an unusual situation.  Tim Anderson related a flight from Massachusetts back to Asheville where the effects of hypoxia almost cost him his life.  Tim Fox related an incident involving situational awareness while flying IFR in a non-radar environment.  Each presentation was followed with a discussion on each situation.


Submitted by: Tim Fox, Secretary