Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Member Login Instructions

The Members Area includes photo archives, front page article archives, and meeting minutes. The Members Area is restricted to current WNCPA members.

To view the content in the Members Area, you must be a WNCPA member and you must have a registered website user account.

To Register. You must be a WNCPA member. To create an account, return to the Home page and scroll down until you see the "Member Login" box. Look for it on the right-hand side to as you scroll down the page. Click "Create an account." Input the requested information and click "Register." Important: please use your first and last name for your user name.

To Login. Go to the "Member Login" box on the Home page and enter your user name in the "Username" box and your password in the blank box that follows.


If you are not a WNCPA member, download a membership application form (here)Complete and submit the form per the instructions found on the form. Once you are accepted as a member, you will be allowed to create an account and will have full access to the website. Note it may take several weeks for your application to be processed.