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The WNCPA Educational Foundation (WNCPAEF) is YOUR Foundation.  The Educational Foundation was created by formal action of the Western North Carolina Pilot’s Association in 2012 in recognition of its members’ desire to give the gift of flight to other deserving individuals and to help sustain the future of general aviation. During its first seven years (2013-2019), the WNCPAEF has awarded grants ranging from $500 to $3,000 to 51 individuals for a total of $85,000 assisting grantees in pursuing their aviation goals. We need to continue that effort and we are asking for your help.

The WNCPAEF Board has a keen desire to (1) foster a closer relationship between you as WNCPA members and your Foundation and (2) enhance your sense of ownership in the Foundation and its work. 

To that end, WNCPAEF is seeking volunteers who are members in good standing of the Pilots’ Association to serve as committee members on the following WNCPAEF committees:

Development Committee – responsible for raising monies to be given as scholarships and for recommending policies for raising funds.

Volunteer Committee – responsible for finding volunteers to assist the WNCPAEF in fulfilling its purposes and for finding individuals willing to serve on the WNCPAEF Board or Standing Committees.

Scholarship and Grants Committee – responsible for developing the basis for awarding scholarships in the form of competitive grants to applicants pursuing an FAA pilot certificate or rating or a non-pilot rating (e.g. A&P). This committee is also responsible for receiving scholarship applications and recommending recipients to the WNCPAEF Board.

Finance Committee – responsible for examining the financial books and records of the Foundation to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local tax laws and regulations.  This committee is also responsible for oversight of scholarships that have been awarded to ensure compliance with the conditions and requirements set by the Board.

If you are interested in volunteering and/or have qualifications/expertise /experience that could help the Foundation’s committees, please contact Skip Capone at

We need YOU!

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