Jan 2020 Meeting and Fly Out

Monthly Meeting

Happy 2020 Everyone!


This Month’s Meeting is going to be an action-packed event.

We’ll be having Pizza at around 6PM with some social time.

On the agenda this month:

  • The new website and email system. Yahoo has shut down Yahoo Groups and we’re modernizing (Spoiler, it’s called Groups.io)
  • Parking and Airport Expansion Updates
  • A new and improved monthly program schedule
  • An overview of local upcoming events
  • Upcoming safety seminars

Then our very own Jim Tyson will be vaulting us into the new year with a Presentation on Supersonic Flight featuring the X-1 and X-15!

Be there or be square!

January 2020 Fly Out

Our fly out this month will be on Jan 25th to KGMU. As always, it is at the sole discretion of the PIC for all flight-related activities.

Parking Fun!

Need Directions? Click here.

Being at a growing airport is not without it’s challenges. The airport is using the gravel lot we usually use as overflow as an employee parking lot until they get their new one built.

We’ve working with Lew at the airport and Chuck at Signature to allow the following:

  1. If you have a brown parking windshield sign and airport security badge, PLEASE PLEASE park on the ramp near the Lacy building. Keep the aircraft movement areas clear and don’t block any hangar doors.
  2. Despite what the signs say, it is okay to park in ANY open spaces in that gravel lot.
  3. The parking lot in between the two hangars to our south is okay to park in during the January meeting
  4. The Ops parking lot gate will be open to the south. If you are able to walk, please use that area as option number 4.

Call or email me with questions: 828-450-7418 or mike@evadot.com

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